Hi. I'm Dennis Wheeler.

You may wish to know Who I am. Amongst other things I am a husband, dog lover, freelancer, martial artist, crossfitter, beer brewer, software developer, line dancer and a geek. I am a neophyte Do It Yourself (DIY) handyman and auto-repairman (Thank you YouTube). I enjoy learning to challenge conventional financial thinking through study of Mr. Money Mustache amongst others.

My Life.

Here's a quick snapshot into some pieces of my life.

My Wife

My Rock. My childish smile when I'm down. The (other) caretaker of my dog. Pictured here with that infectuous smile of hers. I would not be where I am without her. I am truly lucky to have her by my side.

My Dog

My crazy little mutt. We rescued her from Lollypop. She is a bundle of happiness and energy pretty much always.


What keeps me in shape. This has led to me doing lots of random things I didn't know I could do. It led me to do things I didn't even think to try before because it didn't used to be an option. And it is something to do together with my wife.

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